Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best Frans

We are the BEST FRANS in the world!!!!! Our names even sound alike! the only difference is im torilla chip and she is and oreo! And this is what we like about each other...

From Mica about Mia

Always so freaking nice!
Is so pretty!
Very smart!
Always honest!
Supper cute clothes!
And the BEST FRAN in the world!!

From Mia about Mica

Mica is the most legit person on the planet
She is ALWAYS there if you need her
She is so funny
She has the best personality
She is the nicest person
And she's Sweet on the eyes
And the BEST FRAN in the world!!!

We are similar

mica just has a "c" in her name:)
We both LOVE John Mayer
We love "500 Days of Summer"
We love " Saturday Night Live"
We love Photography
We love
We like
rolling down hills
We love "
The Office"
And many more things

Friday, May 21, 2010

This picture!